The Book That Exposed the
Medical Monopoly's Sickcare System

Death by Modern Medicine by Dr. Carolyn Dean MD ND
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Carolyn Dean MD ND, The Doctor of the Future

It’s been 10 years since I wrote the first edition of Death by Modern Medicine and I’m sorry to say that overall most things have gotten worse.

More deaths due to modern medicine, more cover ups, more illness and suffering. In this book I share solutions that I’ve had to personally create for my own health and longevity that will keep me away from doctors and out of hospitals. More information in that regard can be found at RnA ReSet where my goal is to give people tools to adapt to our changing environment and not keep either ignoring it or hiding from it or trying to eliminate more and more things in order to stay healthy. Adopt, adapt and survive and thrive is our mandate – not suffer and be silent.

The book is only one of dozens of print books and over one hundred Kindle books that I’ve written. The others all convey positive messages, but in Death by Modern Medicine, I must state what’s really happening in our world so you can be informed, determined and detached. Determined to take responsibility for your own health and detached from thinking you have to fix what’s going on to the point that you make yourself ill. Death by Modern Medicine goes far beyond the statistics of deaths due to drugs. It shows how the allopathic medical monopoly has created a health care system that fails to encourage good health, especially by prevention. Death by Modern Medicine documents the tales of propaganda, health care bureaucracy and the focus on profits instead of healing. It shows, statistically, that the number one killer in North America is, in fact, the allopathic medical industry. I’ve added two new chapters. They cover “Death by Character Assassination” and “The Future of Thought” rounding out the other 13 chapters from the previous editions. All the chapters have been updated and edited. Death by Modern Medicine has been referenced by thousands of people around the world, most notably by Shirley MacLaine in her book Sage-ing While Age-ing.

It also won the 2006 Independent Publisher Book Award for Most Progressive Health Book. This 2014, 3rd Edition of Death by Modern Medicine contains 487 pages of shocking information. You can be reading it in minutes. It's available for immediate download after payment.

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Dr. Carolyn Dean, The Doctor of the Future


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